Oops! We won it again! This is our second year winning the Urbanna Christmas Decorating Contest.

Kathy's on the board of the Urbanna Oyster Festival Foundation.

Urbanna Creek. Kathy and her family have lived on the water for more than 12 years.

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1. Civic pride, part A. Oops - we did it again! In 2009, KMH-CPA took top honors in the Urbanna Holiday Decorating Contest's business division for the second time. Congrats to our staff for your hard work, and thanks to the judges for your impeccable taste!

Here's the full story in the Southside Sentinel.

2. Civic pride, part B. Kathy's an officer of the Foundation that puts on the 53-year-old Urbanna Oyster Festival, which draws nearly 60,000 visitors to the town every fall.

3. Another view of life on the water.

Kathleen M. Hall, CPA Why do Eastern Virginia's smartest companies come all the way to the water's edge for accounting, tax and other financial services for their businesses?

Kathy Hall's full-service accounting firm is nestled in among the quaint shops and restaurants of historic Urbanna, on the shores of Urbanna Creek - a tiny tributary of the Rappahannock - whose main claim to fame is the annual Urbanna Oyster Festival.

A major tourist draw, the Festival swells the town's population from 800 to nearly 60,000 - and, yes, Kathy's an officer of the Foundation that puts on the Festival and a whole year's worth of related events. And her firm's clients do appreciate the spirit of community service and other small-town values that are part of everything she and her team do.

In this historic hamlet, accounting is serious business.

True, much of the town is focused on fairs and festivals, sailboats and softshells - and, generally, life at leisure. And that life is what drew Kathy and husband Ed to move their family here in the first place.

But let's be clear: Kathleen M. Hall CPA, PC, the accounting firm, is all about the businesses that make a life of leisure possible:

Are you getting the serious, professional service
you need from your accounting solution?

Don't be fooled by the small-town values, the civic pride, the commitment to community service and the personal attention to even the smallest client details.

She doesn't look it, but Kathy herself has 30 years under her belt, including time in sizable industrial and retail operations and one multiyear period as a multimillion-dollar operation's CFO. So she's pretty much seen it all. And as she adds staff and consulting help, the expertise grows deeper and broader.

So - how's the advice you're getting now?

Are you trying to do it all yourself, or with a single staff person? Or, conversely, are you finding your business just gets lost at a firm that's bigger than you really need - and who wishes you had three times the budget for them?

If it's just you and a staff person, the only viewpoint you're getting is essentially your own. Even if that person is a CPA. Because he/she is still dependent on you for his or her livelihood, it's likely very hard for him/her to express an opinion you really don't want to hear. Even if it's the thing you most need to hear.

Yet, there are tidbits of advice you could be getting here and there, that could mean the difference between growing big and healthy over the long term and struggling to survive - month to month and quarter to quarter.
And that's to say nothing of the big picture.

When someone like Kathy has a day-to-day view of your operation on the micro level, she also gets a clear view of where you're headed on the macro level.

If she can see one or two things in a year that can mean the difference between staying on the path to your goals and getting there faster - or even finding new opportunities for real success, what would that be worth?

On the other hand, we've all heard stories of the businessperson who forgot to file that one piece of paper with someone - or made some other trivial mistake - and it was the beginning of a problem that led all the way to bankruptcy.

So, you might be thinking, "I've actually got someone who's watching my finances and even my operations . . .

Why is it so important to have a CPA in my inner circle?"

If that person's not a CPA, you might be missing:

Taxes are only part of the Virginia accounting picture.

If you have a competent accounting firm, even if they're a little too big for your real needs, they've been taking care of your taxes more than well enough. And they may know your business inside and out.

(Unless . . . do you feel like you're getting lost in the shuffle at a firm that's a little too big? Maybe you're starting to think that for what they're charging, you could run TurboTax as well as they do. In which case, we should probably talk.)

So there's some other reason you're looking around:

So. How'd your financial solution stack up?

Are you getting advice that's at least this good? Or did you start to get the feeling you might want a second opinion?

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